In Lahore, Pakistan, a large painting exhibition opened in April, which can be seen as a sign of the rekindling of the region’s long history of classical figuration. The exhibition stands out not only in its scope, but also in the kind of paintings that are exhibited. As many as 50 painters are exhibited, and Les videre
Not everyone is fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of a Requiem. In March, the Sydney Chamber Choir received a standing ovation from a masked audience after the world premiere of Paul Stanhope’s Requiem.  Stanhope's Requiem was completed before the coronavirus broke out, and the world premiere has had to be put on hold Les videre
To understand modern culture and more specifically “modern art”, professor Larry Shiner’s “The Invention of Art” (2001) is a must-read and an eye-opener for anyone who thinks they know a bit about art history.The book is as surprising in its content as the title suggests. You would think you were being messed with if you Les videre
Classical architecture is not a left versus right issue, claims Justin Shubow, the President of the U.S. think tank National Civic Art Society (NCAS) and Chairman of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts. Shubow has been a strong defender of the recently signed Executive Order “Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture.”  He strongly hopes that the Biden administration will not revoke the recently Les videre
“You cannot rank paintings according to objective criteria — it’s all subjective!”That is how many will react when they see this list, but I will argue that this position is wrong. For any poet, the goal should be to entertain the audience, and at best: make tears stream down their faces.The film industry has been Les videre